Mantlepiece Fiasco

by Efflux

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released August 8, 2008

James Bates - Bass
Joe Clegg - Saxophone
Daniel Cronin - Guitar, Glockenspiel
Jo Donnelly - Vocals, Lyrics
Alex James - Piano
Ed Mooney - Drums, Percussion
Jonny Wildey - Guitar, Tambourine

Special guests:
Dom Hyams - Bongos, "False Start"
Scott Sherridan - Trumpet, "Shaking the Superflux"

Produced by Jonny Wildey & Shane Shanahan
Mixed by Shane at Unsigned Studios, St Albans
Recorded by Jonny & Shane



all rights reserved


Efflux Saint Albans, UK

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Track Name: False Start
Warning dark things coming
Stitch my eyelids
Never seems to warrant a change in anything
The dark road seems to tempt me
Stitch my red lips
I wander into terror
With a vision of how to live
The night provokes beautiful minds
The night

The night
Rests on me
The right
But I can barely feel

What you're left with are the crumbs of nature
Tumbling down upon my distorted picture
Dreams and truth encompassed
Dangerous to me
I wander into terror
With a vision of how to live
The night provokes beautiful minds
The night


False start
They shout
False start and then you're out

False start
Freak out
False start and then you're out

Tangled up in doubt
No force can beat it out
Tangled up in doubt

Warring factors
Conflicting views
It's hostile

Can't seem to choose
The right thing to do
Too enraptured
So I start again
Track Name: Bound to Me
Oh it changed
Over night and over time
It fizzed and fizzled out
So I changed my mind

I warned you
About my capricious mind
I warned you
Was honest
But still you crossed the line

Overnight and over time
It fizzed and fizzled out
So I changed my mind
My mind...

It won't be long 'til cracks appear
When you've replaced it all
And since I've known
And fallen ill to fear
I just can't let it go
Switch between
Another great idea
And an all time low
Manifesting underneath the skin
I wait to hear it call

I was acting how you wanted
It was easy what you wanted
When you're carefree and you're shunted
There isn't much left that's all that daunting

Then you wake up from a real dream
It doesn't take much to be a real tease
But the changes you created
They remain here you've got to face them

You act surprised
I said we're out of time
Your boorish lines
Caused my hope to die

I thought I needed
What you were begging to believe in
But the magic disappeared quick
So I changed it back again

Your mundane arrangement
Had me crying out for some clarity
So asphyxiating
When you push so hard for what you want this to be
You don't even scratch the surface
When you look inside to find there's nothing to see
And you'll never escape
This void of boundless opportunity

You were bound to me
An opportunity
That I couldn't find
So I changed my mind

My mind
My time
Track Name: Capitulate
Your vision blurs into night
The spectrum merges in my eyes
Failing to fight
Blood mania inside

Everything's to love
The lights are adding to the shove
Surging with the doves
No need to aim 'cause I'm above

I've reached a new age
Losing sight of all the rage
I want to turn every page
But slowly I being to fade

Simply cannot stop
The beat skipped and then it hopped
Speedily I drop
And now I'm staring at the top

Translating the fever
With reckless behaviour

Means stopping and starting
The narrow comes later

Soon to come up high
Feeling will slip by

The pre empted picture
Of chaos and order

Prevents all the lines
Prevents all the borders
Track Name: Dressed in Electric
After the storm the skies opened wide
We were greeted by a cosmic flash
And the rain it warmed our skin
And there emerged a cosmic man
Dressed in electric

And why he was here we don't know
And where he was from he wouldn't say
He went as quickly as he came
And so we're here alone again

From behind the hills his followers emerged
Bodies entwined
A wire for electric
They chanted that they were alive
And their souls had been freed
I gasped as they pulled me in
Instantly addicted
I'm free and I'm alive

We thought that he would
Come back and save us
Track Name: Trapped in the Astrolab
Worlds torn apart starved of care
Withered and bare it ways lightly
Too tarnished to regrow
Chance was rare
Thrown away
Won't find it

Turn back
Two hundred decades
Of sacrifice and sin
From the first to the last
We could never win

Cut loose
Scouring the labyrinth
Shaking with despair
Strapped down
Trapped in the astrolab out of air

Now monster's heart it's not there
Hiding from man it's unsightly
Impossible to reflow
Set in stone
Karma's way can't ride it

So what can be done
And how can things change when
Acceptance has conquered all lifeform
Infested to the bone
Quick decline into fear
Now we're blinded

A Nebuchadnezzar of sparkling white wine
He drank for ten hours and scratched out his eyes
And affluent empire he raised pound by pound
Just like all of his buildings they burned to the ground
Track Name: Do it With a Smile
Take heaven
Wrap it around you
Tear your heart out
But you won't feel anything
Every measure you take brings you closer to me

It's all proportionate
I waited a while just to get what I want
You can try to scream
But you will suffocate
The fear in your eyes brings a smile to my face

I do it with a smile because you brought it on yourself
Track Name: Shaking the Superflux
You burned the memory that you pinned upon the stake
Trying to forget what you left behind
But I let things go by for a period of time

Invade their personal space
But don't you forget I read between the lines
And I let things go by for a period of time

Give up the pretence for the day
You just seem to drift away

The power to destroy the dreams of those
Who rely on us to guide them to their grand design
But I let things go by for a period of time

Goodbye to genuinity
Good luck for the ones you grace next
As I remain in a forged reality
And move on
Can't move on
To brave the fools that stay
Can't shake off the higher reign
I know that they're feeding me lies
But I've run out of patience to try
To change
From this acceptance phase
Track Name: Bomboon
Why can't I go where I wanted to be
My footsteps have turned off the trail
Blind to the path that made it easy
Morale is starting to fail

The distance consumes the hope you had
It must be a trick of the mind

Routine has me bolted so firm to the ground
Overcome by smoke and TV
Promised I'd be there and not let you down
Just slumped here what a sight to see

So self destructive trying to forget
The laughing stock I have become
So take that opinion and spread it around
And hope I get what I deserve

Life has slipped well out of focus you see
Run out of people for bail
Cross over the road just to avoid me
Paranoia broke through and prevailed